Foreign Held Belize Properties

Persons not of Belizean nationality are not allowed to hold title to land in Belize. Companies exceeding foreign (alien) ownership of one half are not allowed to hold such title either. In general, the penalty for non-compliance to Belizean Law’s under the Alien’s Land Holding Act can be a fine of $5,000 and potential forfeiture of title to the property. It is to be noted that exceptions do exist allowing for the ownership of small parcels of land under a half acre within cities and under ten acres outside of cities. [1]

Furthermore, an alien that comes to acquire through a will or other devise is entitled to the proceeds of the sale of this property. Finally, it is to be noted that this law was revised effective December 31, 2000. At this time and throughout its history, foreign ownership of Belize lands does and has existed. Future transfers of shares of foreign companies that own such land are allowed with written permission from the Minister, and the continuation of their ownership allowed through grandfathering of past laws.[2]

[1] Aliens Landholding Act, 2000 Revision.

[2] Id.