Foreign Registration in Belize

Foreign companies incorporated outside of Belize but carrying on business or owning property within the country must register with the registrar. The application must include: a certified copy of their constitutional documents (such as the Memorandum and Articles of Association), a list of directors and managers; and the name and address of the registered office and the authorized managers or representatives.

(17.) Confidentiality

There are no specific secrecy laws for most companies. However, the Offshore Banking Act does provide a covenant under Part VII Section 34 stipulating that no information shall be disclosed of a licensee or a customer of a licensee unless lawfully requested or allowed by the courts of Belize. The act does allow for the Central Bank of Belize to share this information with their foreign counterparts.[43]

However, this level of sharing would probably have to be negotiated with each group where treaty does not already provide more guidance. Offenders of this section can face a $5,000 fine, six months in prison, or both.

[43] Offshore Banking Act, 2000 Revision, § 34.