Belize Registration & Reporting

(12.) Registration and Reporting in Belize

Every Belize company must retain the following documents at the registered:

  1. A list of all members available for inspection, free to members and for a fee not greater than twenty-five cents for all others, available for a minimum of two business hours each day.[36]
  2. Registered offices must receive registrations of all branch offices and maintain a listing of registered branch offices at the registered office.[37]
  3. Every limited banking, insurance, deposit, provident or benefit society company shall provide a statement of the First Schedule marked “C” and display it in a conspicuous place in the registered office and all branch offices.[38] This statement should be provided to anyone upon payment of a fee not to exceed twenty-five cents.
  4. Any inspections or audits performed per the courts shall in their course create a report that will be maintained at the registered office and a copy of the same provided to the courts.[39]
  5. The books of the accounts should also be maintained at the registered office or any other branch that the directors sees fit and provided to inspectors as requested.[40]
  6. A Register of Directors and Managers giving full details of their names, addresses, occupations;
  7. A Register of Mortgages and Charges; and
  8. Minutes of all general or extraordinary meetings.
(a.) Belize Limited Liability Companies

In addition to the requirements of companies, Limited Liability Companies must also paint or affix its name on the outside of every office or place where it conducts business including the registered office in a conspicuous place.[41]

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