Company Registration and Reporting in Belize

(1.) Registration and Reporting

Every company limited by shares must hold a (statutory) meeting between the first and end of the third month of time that it is eligible to conduct business.  Seven days prior to this meeting the director must forward a report “statutory report” to every member of the company and all others entitle to receive it.  The report must be certified by at least two directors or the sole director and manager.  It should state the total number of shares allotted, the distinguishing shares allotted paid fully or partially.  If shares are partially paid, the report should state the extent that they are paid up and the consideration thus allotted.  Furthermore, it should state the total cash received from allotted shares.  Next, the report should identify the particulars of any contract, whose modification will be submitted for approval during the upcoming meeting.  The report must be certified as to correctness by the auditors of the company.  A copy must be filed with the Registrar.  A listing of all directors, and descriptions of members with addresses and details as to their share holdings should also be presented.[44]

[44] Companies Act, 2000 Revision, § 67.