Belize Company Extraordinary Special Resolution

(6.) Extraordinary Special Resolution

Extraordinary resolutions are those passed by seventy-five percent of such members entitled to do so, vote in person or by proxy where allowed at a general meeting where the notice of the resolution proposition was provided. Special resolutions are extraordinary resolutions with the added test that the notification prior to the meeting must have been provided at least fourteen days prior and no more than one month from the date of the first meeting.[55]

Copies of special and extraordinary resolutions are to be printed and forwarded to the registrar for recording within fifteen days of the confirmation.  These resolutions should be annexed with the articles wherever those articles are registered for the time period the resolution and articles are in force.  If the articles have not been registered then a copy of the resolution must be printed and forwarded to any member upon request and payment of twenty-five cents.[56]

(7.) Dividends

The articles will provide regulations or the payment of dividends.   The Companies act makes no further specification other than to state that they are allowed.[57]

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