Belize Gambling License & Activity

B. Belize Gambling

Gambling is a licensed activity within Belize and any unlicensed activity is covered under the Gambling Prevention Act.[1] Legalized gambling is allowed with a proper license under the Gaming Control Act.[2]

It is necessary to attain a written license from the Gaming Control Board. Failure to attain a license is considered an offence. A Belize gambling license will not be granted to persons under the age of 18, nor to someone who has been convicted of a crime within the last three years in Belize or in other countries, nor to anyone who is known to be of undesirable or of bad character. One year licenses can be attained for a fee as prescribed by the board. The amount will be set at the board’s discretion or prescribed by regulations set by the board. [3]

A security deposit and or surety bond can be required by the board as well for whatever amount the board deems appropriate. Failure to pay a wager or fine will result in the amount to be withdrawn and paid from this deposit. Finally, it is required that a gaming tax must be paid to the Commissioner (of Income Tax) by the licensed gaming facility and that records of the proceeds should be maintained. This tax should be paid as prescribed in the regulations that the Belize Gaming Control Board establishes and failure to pay with certain periods will result in penalties and a potential debt payable to Belize.[4]

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