Belize Permanent Residence

Belize permanent residence can be achieved for a fee and a deposit of approximately $100 US and $1,200 US 125X125_1_Graphic Banner/Text_24hrs>Forbes respectively. Thereafter, five years of residence would be the initial time frame necessary before citizenship can be achieved.

Another alternative to premanent residence in Belize can be found in the Belize Retired Persons’ Incentive Act.[1] This act allows retirees to live full time tax-free and bank in Belize. This falls under the Belize Tourism Board. The retiree is considered to have a tourist visa on a ‘permanent’ basis. Belize does have a large expatriate community, including North Americans, Europeans, Asians and peoples from the Middle East. For example, International Services LTD is one company that offers their services in attaining a Belizean passport for fees ranging from $50-70k.[2]


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[2] International Services Ltd., Immigration Services, available at (last visited on Oct. 3, 2002).