Belize Corporate Law Factors

Type of corporate vehicle limited and unlimited liability; private and public companies; llcs, international business companies (ibc)
Incorporation time scale 1-2 weeks
Incorporation fees $10 – $500 BZD
Resident directors required No
Min number of directors 2 Private 7 Public
Directors meetings required Yes
Other requirements Directors must be individuals
Beneficial ownership disclosure No
Shareholder disclosure Yes
Minimum no of shareholders 1
Bearer shares allowed Yes
No par value shares allowed No
Public share register Yes; Owners of Bearer shares not recorded.
Shareholders meetings required Yes
Frequency Annually
Place Anywhere, unless restricted by articles
Annual return required Yes
Audit required Yes
Foreign currency accounting allowed Yes
Registered office Yes
Registered agent No
Stamp/ capital duty Yes
Naming your company Formal approval procedure
Company mobility provisions No