Members & Nominees: Belize Company Registration

(3.) Members and Nominees

In Belize, subscribers of the company agree to become members of the company and become registered members on the date of registration. Any others later agreeing to become a member and whose name is later entered upon the register will be a member of the company. The register of members will include the names and addresses of the members. It will also include their occupation and a statement of the number of shares they hold. These shares will be identified by a share number. The register will detail the amount paid in consideration for these shares and the date the member was entered in to the registration or the date the person ceased to be a member.[45]

Notice will be provided to the representative of a member upon death or to a trustee upon bankruptcy of a member.[46]

No trust or constructive trust will be recognized or received by the registrar or entered on the register.[47]

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