Belize Internet Gaming

C. Belize Internet Gaming

(1.) The Belize Computer wagering Licensing Act of 1995

Since Belize is one of the few countries to have enacted legislation allowing internet gaming. It has garnished mixed attentions from the world community on the subject. In addition, a Belizean bank account is required for the daily processing of user transactions that can incur fees of five percent or twenty dollars US (the higher of).[1]

This legislation is one of the few actions that the Belize Government has taken to capitalize on the potential of the internet. Such a decision might pose a double edge sword in establishing the internet as a viable portion of the Belize, economy driving E-commerce development and a overhaul of the telecommunications sector. However, the price in perception and reputation could prove to be as harmful as the reputation acquired in the 1970’s and 80’s for the prevalence of drug trade activity.

It is necessary to attain a written license from the “Belize Computer Wagering Licensing Board.” Failure to attain a license is considered an offence. A license will not be granted to persons under the age of eighteen, nor to someone who has been convicted of a crime within the last three years in Belize or in other countries, nor to anyone who is known to be of “bad character.”

One year licenses can be attained for $50-100k US renewable at the end of March each year. A security deposit of $500k US is also required to cover wager claims and any fines prescribed by the board. Failure to pay a wager or fine will result in the amount to be withdrawn and paid from this deposit. Finally, it is required that a fifteen withholding income tax must be paid to the Commissioner of Income Tax by any person that pays a wager.[2]

Recent Public Advisory from Belize Government


The Government of Belize has recently discovered that several online gaming websites are claiming to have an online gaming license from Belize. We advise the internet community and the general public that there are only two online gaming companies with license to operate from Belize, these are:

·         Fulton Data Processing Limited

·         Sports Off Shore Limited

Any other company that claims top have such a license from Belize is clandestine and we ask all internet users to refrain from doing business with these.

All online gaming companies in Belize require licensing under the Gaming Control Act and its Online Gaming Regulations. Online Gaming licenses are issued by the Gaming Control Board of Belize to companies of reputable standing and with proven track record in gaming.

If you need further information about gaming in Belize, please contact:

The Secretary, Gaming Control Board in Belmopan, Belize
Tel: (501) 822-2526
Fax: (501) 822-03673

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[2] Computer Wagering Licensing Act (Chap. 149), 2000 Revision.