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Doing business in Belize has many rewards and some challenges.  This native English speaking country is rich with history both ancient from the times of the Mayans to their more recent British colonial history, a chapter that has only recently ended in the 90’s.

Doing business within the jurisdiction of CARICOM while still benefiting from a locale that speaks English natively is atypical.  Add in one of the most rich areas in ancient ruins, a barrier reef system only topped by the Great Barrier reef in Australia, the rise of Eco-Tourism, mixed with a strong set of laws and policies directed at offshore business benefits and Belize is fascinating and practical on many levels.

Geographically, located on an eastern edge of Mexico, Belize is also shielded from much of the political risk and instability that many other Central American countries experienced until the early 1990’s.   Belize still has its developing issues, but has a solid infrastructure and roots in a history that can be counted in written history dating back over multiple millenia.

Travel to Belize is a direct and easy affair whether you are coming from the United States or South America. Belize has long been known for its amazing diving and snorkling, but it has really come into its own with the environmental movement as resort after resort in Belize has jumped on the eco bandwagon helping tourists see the magestic beauty of the rainforest, the ancient ruins of the Mayans, and the benefits of living in an area with minimal negative impact on that environment.

You can learn more about this amazing country within the pages here, learn more about doing business here, visiting, vacationing or more.  We are rapidly building a large list of companies and resources that are available to provide services in Belize and its cities as well.  This site was originally built to provide the material for a single chapter in an Offshore Financial Center Tax Law Text book and is now growing into a much more comprehensive resource covering